The spirit of a house dedicated to men's accessories


Hugo's Passion

The story of Hugo, a young man who wants to move forward, through his dedication and strong desire to succeed in life with his look.

In an altogether natural, spontaneous and informal manner, he developed a unique style. Thanks to his passion for fashion, he combines traditional and audacity, his original clothing style is totally distinguished.

Hugo always has a taste for refinement and beauty that has lingered from his own childhood years, he has discriminating and sharp eyes, a strong knowledge of fashion details and a passion for beautiful and luxurious things.

All this comes from his London and New-York life, his numerous travels, his passion for iconic characters and from prohibition and gangsters movies. This could also come from his great grand father genetic code, a producer of exclusive tailor-made silk fabrics in the Center of France. The truth must be a little of both.

If elegance and chic are his way of life, he tries to develop his talent to enrich his fashion collections. The style is homogeneous, both sober and refined, but in no way flashy, witness to the French man's art of living.

A story that Hugo naturally pursue with “ Maison Baylé “ to transmit you his gentle and elegance secrets.

Dandy Sprit

Step outside the box
Follow the rules of elegance
Never hesitate to upset habits
Shift expectations and create unexpected reactions
Harmony the opposites to create beautiful harmonies 
Break codes and transcend accepted ideas
Revisit classics and create singularity
Develop you own style by accessorizing your outfits

Most of all, everything that matter is desire...

Desire to be different, elegant and distinguished.

Be Dandy


"I think that beauty, elegance, class and refinement are in the details. An accessory emphasize your personality and help you create your own unique style to stand out from the crowd"



Everything is possible, everything is permitted. Nothing will be banned in the quest for elegance but at the same time Hugo continues to be selective and exigent. Elegance has its rules and require perfection.

The watchword are passions, desires, excitement. Once again, you have to be thrilled and motivated to find the best craftsmen all over Europe. Meet passionate people and experienced professionals, masters of their art able to work a panoply of materials including leathers, exotic skins, fabrics, they can shape a felt hat or a seven fold tie.

They share secrets, manufacturing secrets, fabrics secrets, inspiration secrets to create rare, fine and luxurious items.

His most noble ambition is to give value to his know-how and track errors in his production. Hugo is looking for noble and precious cloth, rare fabrics, perfect sewing and original patterns. Everything has to combine tradition and modernity to comply with “Maison Baylé” brand image and values.